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As the world changes the body doesn't have to.

Origin Complete Medicine (OCM​) has a cutting-edge approach to health, disease intervention, wellness and integrative medicine. OCM’s mission is to conduct a rare and effective comprehensive health assessment screening of your employees, families and communities. 

Our ​individualized, streamlined proprietary plan ​treats the physical, emotional, and mental planes. Treatment corrects neurological, vascular, and visceral limitations. What makes OCM different is that it corrects all these areas with precision and definitive systemic effect.

 OCM’s founder and practitioner, Jonathon Kramer, is a veteran who understands that ​America is only as strong as the vitality of its people. 

Developing custom, no-nonsense, healthy living and corrective care plans that specifically relate to the employees’ personal health and goals drives better output and more predictability in the effectiveness of the lives of Americans everywhere.

There are many reasons to want this as part of your life strategy approach to performance. Vitality is the paramount issue. 

This ​is not a band-aid medicine. It differs from all other modalities. All persons  information is strictly confidential, and procedures comply with HIPAA guidelines.

This is the ​next generation of blending western and eastern medicine, a ​primary choice supported globally by the World Health Organization. Significantly increase workplace, family and community morale and function. 

Benefits of our ​Longevity Integrative Wellness Program ​include:

o Increased productivity
o Increased mental and emotional resolve
o Decreased sickdays
o Increased threshold against stress and anxiety
o Lower levels of costly interventions
o Improvement on cost and time efficiencies

 o Healthier and happier relationships

o Improved social structure within the daily life

Free initial consultation Call us to schedule in-office or on-site free screenings.
Free initial consultation Call us to schedule in-office or on-site free screenings.

Common asked questions

Additional Information

1. How does this differ from normal Acupuncture?

- This method works of the actual nervous system relays of your organs. Acupuncture is practiced in general by questions asked by the practitioner. The responses from the patient dictate the treatment. This proceeds off of physiology. 

2. How long does it take to correct problems?

- It can be as fast as one visit although not the standard. Each body has multiple systems that per individual is unique. A standard measurement is if one treatment gets you to 25% then four could be 100%. The body is diverse so its not a hard rule. 

3. Can I use just one of the modalities?

- Yes, yet the combined method is best.  Acupuncture regulates evenly what the body does have to use. Herbals give you what the body cannot do on its own. 

4. What levels of disorders does this treat?

- It treats the entire body so can target any disorder. The best way to look at it is in three categories: longevity, impaired dysfuction and then right below emergency care. Obviously if something is serious or life threatening contact a medical emergency response practitioner. 

5. What does the exam show?

- Everything happening inside the body or disease manifesting externally. Many times it shows problems not detected with tests or by signs and symptoms. Its only at about 20-40% function when things actually alert the body. 

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Health for today.....Longevity for tomorrow.

When abnormal function becomes normal in life as it has with many its a red flag. Don't put up with mediocre health. Revitalize your body so that you can handle all life brings and has to offer. 


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